CloudShark Solutions

Pick the CloudShark that is perfect for you.

Hosted Service

CloudShark Personal & Business

  • Analyze captures by yourself or in a small team
  • Immediate access to powerful tools and capabilities
  • No need to manage a server or software
  • Access your captures anywhere, on any device
  • Share captures with a wider audience or secure for your own use
  • Easy integration with Wireshark, Aerohive, Meraki, OpenWrt and more

On-Premise Virtual Appliance

CloudShark Enterprise

  • Enable accounts for all your users via AD/LDAP or SSO
  • Convenient user and group management for your entire organization
  • Keep large captures local to your datacenter
  • Provide a centralized repository for collaborating across incidents
  • Easy integration with network probes, taps, IDS, and SIEM solutions
  • Specialized analysis capabilities like SSL decryption and custom settings

CloudShark Feature Comparison

CloudShark Personal CloudShark for Business CloudShark Enterprise
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$19 / month
$199 / year

$49 / month
$499 / year

Starting from

What you get Private uploads, more storage and larger uploads Long-term storage of all your capture files On-premise capture storage and analysis platform
Deployment Shared Shared Private
Monthly Uploads 200 500 Unlimited
Max Upload Size 25 MB 150 MB 4 GB
Total Storage 500 MB 2 GB Unlimited
Capture Archive
Tagging and Organizing
Annotate Individual Packets
Save Notes and Comments per File
Compressed File Support
Sharing Controls
Private Uploads
Web-Based Analysis Tools
Create and Save Graphs
VoIP and RTP Playback
Full API Access
Threat Assessment
Custom Threat Rules - -
View Rule Source - -
SSL Decryption - -
RSA Key Management - -
Private Server - -
Secure Delete - -
Custom API Tokens - -
Auto-Delete - -
Local Time Zone - -
Guest Upload - -
SSH Access - -
User and Group Management - -
ActiveDirectory Integration - -
LDAP Integration - -
OAuth Integration - -
SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On - -
Local-Disk Import - -
Custom Display Filter Macros - -
Quota Management - -
Audit Logging - -
Custom Color Rules - -
Kerberos Decryption - -
Custom Decoder Prefs - -
Proprietary Protocol Decodes - -
Free T-Shirts - -
Technical Support In-app Chat In-app Chat
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About Us

CloudShark is made by QA Cafe, a technology company based in Portsmouth, NH. Our passion for packet captures has grown out of our flagship product CDRouter.

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