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You have the power to gather and organize capture files from everywhere in your network.

Import into CloudShark

It's easy to drag & drop capture files right into CloudShark by using your browser, and using the powerful CloudShark upload API let you import captures from other tools anywhere in your network.

Apply Tags

Tagging is central to CloudShark. Tag files with anything that makes sense to you, whether it's location information, bug ticket numbers, or analysis that needs to be done.

Search and Filter

Find important capture files quickly and easily by filtering on tags, size, timestamps, and other captured metadata. Search on annotations and comments to see what analysis has been performed.

Robust User and Group Model

Control who has access to what information by assigning permissions on a per-file basis. Organize captures by group, or even add accounts for clients for easy collaboration. Integrate with existing LDAP or ActiveDirectory user management.


Perform deep packet analysis and share the results without ever leaving your web browser.

Display Filters

CloudShark Enterprise supports the all of the display filters in Wireshark and helps you remember what they are by autocompleting as you type. The filter is automatically added to the URL for easy sharing.

Save Your Work

All your analysis is saved and can be shared by passing a URL around. Instead of reproducing analysis each time you open a file, or emailing people screenshots, link directly to it for them to see.

Annotations on the Packets

As you do analysis, save your thoughts and notes directly on the packets as you come across them. When you or someone else comes back to the file, the annotations will be there waiting.

Built-in Analysis Tools
  • Follow Stream
  • Bandwidth Graphs
  • HTTP Requests
  • VoIP and RTP Playback
  • Wireless Networks
  • And more...

  • Everything is saved as a URL that can be shared
  • Link directly to analysis, graphs, or applied filters
  • During analysis, add comments and annotations to captures and packets
  • Autocomplete index for all Wireshark filters
  • Packet decodes, follow stream, and other tools right in your browser
  • Stunning, customizable graphs
  • And lots of other tools

Share the analysis you've already done with a simple URL. No more passing large files back and forth over e-mail.

Everything is a URL

All your capture files and analysis results are accessed with a simple URL. No more passing around large files or starting from scratch every time. And since it works in a browser, analysis can finally be done from your mobile device.

Share Annotations and Comments

As you do your analysis, you can make annotations directly on top of the packets. When you share the URL with a co-worker, those annotations go along with it, and there's no need to re-explain what you saw.

Robust User and Group Model

Share capture files with who you want, when you want, and make it easier for both customers and colleagues to collaborate on network and application issues. CloudShark can even tie into your AD/LDAP server or a SAML 2.0 provider to make authentication a breeze.

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