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Monday, Oct 20, 2014

Using Jumpcloud LDAP Solution with CloudShark

There are a plethora of cloud applications for nearly all traditionally IT services that were managed in-house. One of the most interesting is JumpCloud, which provides a cloud-based solution for LDAP and Active Directory user management systems. What’s even more interesting is that JumpCloud can work seamlessly with CloudShark’s ability to use external LDAP/AD authentication and user management. If you are using LDAP, it’s as simple as enabling it in the CloudShark admin console and creating an sssd.

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Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014

CloudShark 2.3 - Single Sign-On, User Created API Tokens, and Wireshark 1.12.1

CloudShark 2.3 is here! This release presents some key features that our customers have asked for and again helps lay the groundwork for even more from CloudShark in the future. Read on! Support for single sign-on One of the most common requests we’ve received from CloudShark customers is support for single sign-on authentication. CloudShark 2.3 will come as good news for those out there looking for new Enterprise authentication options with its support for SAML authentication, allowing users to sign in through an external identity provider to reduce the need to have separate login credentials just for CloudShark.

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