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CloudShark lets you view and analyze packet captures from your Meraki network without leaving your web browser.

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Troubleshoot network problems faster
CloudShark lets you immediately analyze all of your packet captures directly from your Meraki dashboard. Avoid downloading and analyzing captures locally - you could already be resolving network issues.
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Never lose a capture file again
CloudShark works seamlessly with your Meraki Dashboard. All your capture files are stored in a private archive that is fully organized and searchable. Add tags and other metadata to help you keep track of every file ever uploaded.
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Effortlessly share with others
Every view in CloudShark is a URL. You can annotate packets, add filters, build graphs, or do advanced VoIP or HTTP analysis and immediately share that analysis with your colleagues. There’s no need to download captures and explain how you got the answers you did. Get more eyes on your captures now and solve problems faster.
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Advanced Security Tools

Quickly get to security threats in your Meraki network with CloudShark Threat Assessment. With professional threat rules applied to your capture, CloudShark lets you easily visualize where bad traffic is coming from, who is the target, and how critical it might be.

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CloudShark enhances the powerful remote capture tool built-in to your Meraki Dashboard.

Troubleshoot network problems without leaving your web browser.

CloudShark is the world’s first web-based capture analysis tool, letting you take captures made anywhere in the world with your Meraki access points and switches and immediately begin your analysis right in your browser.

Advanced tools like graphs, HTTP object viewing, and VoIP audio playback give you everything you need to get to the root of the problem.

We needed to gain insight into our entire network, which is geographically dispersed around the world without relying on local resources... Dan Berman, IT Network Manager at 2U.

Start collaborating on network problems and security incidents right away.

Don't wait to download captures or install analysis software.

In CloudShark, every view is a URL. You can share direct links to captures, display filters, graphs, and analysis views, letting you collaborate on network captures like never before.

Let your colleagues see exactly what you see, instantly, or embed links in trouble ticket or incident response systems. There’s no need to rely on installing Wireshark or downloading or emailing captures to get things done.

And with CloudShark Threat Assessment, run professional security scans against your traffic with the click of a button.

You can bring your packets with you.

Analysis on the Go

Because CloudShark is accessed completely through a web browser, you can bring it with you wherever you need to look at a network trace. The packets stay in CloudShark so downloading large files is never an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a credit card required for the free trial?
No! You can create a free CloudShark account and start looking at packets from your Meraki dashboard without the need to enter in your credit card information. When you are ready to upgrade to a paid subscription, you will need to pay by card.
Do I have to sign up to use CloudShark with Meraki?
Yes. In order to use CloudShark with Meraki you will need to enter your CloudShark API token.
Is this the same as CloudShark Enterprise?
No. CloudShark Enterprise is installed on your own server in your own network and managed by you.
Are there limits to the files I can upload?
Yes. The Meraki Dashboard only captures up to 60-seconds worth of traffic. Files uploaded directly to CloudShark have no such time-limit, however the subscription plan you have selected may limit the maximum upload size. A CloudShark for Business subscription comes with 2 GB of storage space for your capture file archive.
Can I use a hosted CloudShark account as a Meraki Managed Service Provider?
Absolutely! We encourage Meraki MSPs to use CloudShark as a tool for IT troubleshooting. You can see how it has helped MSPs like Pivotal Networks For more on how to set up CloudShark for Meraki as an MSP, check out this support article.
Where are my capture files stored?
Captures uploaded to CloudShark are stored on a private server located in the United States. CloudShark is developed by QA Cafe based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
What happens to my capture files if I cancel my subscription?
If you decide to cancel a paid subscription, your account will revert to the Basic tier. If you wish to close your account completely, any uploaded captures will be securely deleted.
How do I configure my Meraki Dashboard?
Simply enter your Hostname and API token that you receive from CloudShark into your Meraki Settings.
Read our setup instructions.
Can I login to my new CloudShark account?
Yes. After confirming your account, you can use the email address and password you provided to log into CloudShark directly.
Will this account work with other non-Meraki capture files?
Absoultely. You can log into CloudShark directly and drag & drop capture files from other sources into your archive.
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Get even more with your own CloudShark Enterprise system

A complete capture management system

With your own CloudShark Enterprise system you can also take advantage multiple users, groups, and API tokens. CloudShark Appliance also lets you hook into LDAP/AD authentication, manage RSA keys, and lots more!

About Us

CloudShark is made by QA Cafe, a technology company based in Portsmouth, NH. Our passion for packet captures has grown out of our other product CDRouter.

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