Frequent Asked Questions

What is CloudShark?

CloudShark is a first of it’s kind web application that lets you organize, analyze, and collaborate on network packet captures.

CloudShark is a capture management system

CloudShark lets you secure and track valuable network capture assets. With tagging and search capabilities, all of your capture data is in one place that lets you find what you need when you need it.

In addition, the CloudShark API lets you easily integrate into your existing capture tools, letting you upload captures from anywhere, or by using the CloudShark Plug-in for Wireshark.

CloudShark provides browser based Wireshark functionality

CloudShark enhances the packet analysis process with web technology. With a comfortable, clean interface, it lets you perform common decode and analysis functions, embed and auto-lookup Wireshark filters, and perform faster, better looking, and more direct analysis of captures using tools like RTP playback, graphs, and controlled decryption.

CloudShark allows collaboration on packet captures

CloudShark lets you get to the root of network and application problems faster by facilitating collaboration with your colleagues and customers. Pass around URLs rather than large attachments, let others pick up where you left off, and add annotations and comments to packets and capture files.

Can I see some examples?

Here’s a few of our captures to give you an idea:

How does a CloudShark online trial work?

If you sign up for our online version of CloudShark, you can try it free for 30 days. During that time, you can upload captures of up to 2MB in size. It’s important to note that all captures uploaded during the trial are set to “public”, which means anyone with the URL can view them. Once you upgrade to a paid account, your captures can be marked as private.

Are public captures indexed by search engines?

CloudShark URLs are unique. Search engines will not index them unless they are included as links on another publicly available web page.

Do my captures stay forever?

For now, yes. Any trial user captures will be kept indefinitely. For paid accounts, we will never delete your files unless you specifically ask us to.

Can I get CloudShark online for a group? is based on a subscription per user. If you want to group multiple users, purchase separate Business grade accounts and contact us. We can place the users in a group manually. We’re currently exploring a tier of accounts that can do this automatically and give a main user management privileges over a group.

Can I try CloudShark Enterprise for free?

Yes. You can contact us to arrange a trial license of CloudShark Enterprise if you are interested in using CloudShark in your own network, like these fine companies have.

What are CloudShark Enterprise’s system requirements?

Cloudshark Enterprise is available as a virtual appliance that may be installed on your own bare metal or VM environment.

System requirements are detailed on our Support site.

Will CloudShark work with my existing capture tools? What tools does it work with?

CloudShark’s easy to use API lets you upload directly to your CloudShark account ( or to CloudShark Enterprise from almost any capture tool or custom capture solution. You can see our official list of integrators for more information.

Is there any limit to the size of the capture file I can upload?

For free online CloudShark accounts, the size limit is 2 MB.

For CloudShark Enterprise, the file size limit is configurable by the administrator and can be configured for files up to 4GB in size. Please see our support site for recommendations on setting this value based on system configuration.

I have security policies to comply with. Is CloudShark secure?

CloudShark operates over proven authentication and encryption protocols, and uses best practices for securing web applications. QA Cafe does not, however, guarantee the security of any captures uploaded to Uploads to are considered “at your own risk”. Please review our terms of service for more information.

CloudShark Enterprise allows you to manage access to individual capture files either through its local user management system, or by integrating with an enterprise’s existing user management system such as SAML 2.0, LDAP or Active Directory. You control access to CloudShark Enterprise as part of your private cloud and apply all of the same policies for access as you would any other application server in your network.

What capture formats are supported?

CloudShark uses tshark to do the actual decoding. tshark supports several capture file formats from other tools besides Wireshark. See

I have a blog or website where I post example captures. Can I use the CloudShark example site to store these captures?

Yes, just log into your account, drag and drop your example capture, and you will be given a URL that you can use to link to the capture on your site. Please do not include sensitive information in these captures.

Where does CloudShark Threat Assessment get its ruleset and how often is it updated?

CloudShark Threat Assessment uses the Suricata based ruleset published by Emerging Threats. We update periodically, and if you’re using the tool you’ll see the date of the ruleset in the analysis view.

Can someone at CloudShark help me analyze what’s wrong in my capture?

We’re pretty savvy with packet captures, but it’s a little beyond our bailiwick to help you with your analysis. We can point you at the right tools, but if you think you have a big security or network problem, you should seek a professional.

Can I use for my commercial project?

Commercial projects require constent from QA Cafe before using Uploading capture files to site may be limited. We do have a Terms of Use agreement that covers usage of

Please contact us if you have a commercial project and would like to work with CloudShark.

What web browsers work with CloudShark?

CloudShark uses the latest in web technologies to provide a full-featured application-like feel for working with capture files. As such, we recommend using the latest release of Google Chrome or Safari with CloudShark. The latest release of Firefox as well as Webkit based mobile browsers are also supported.

Who are you?

CloudShark was created by QA Cafe. We are the creators of CDRouter, the leading CPE testing solution. We spend a lot of time working with capture files. You can visit us at

About Us

CloudShark is made by QA Cafe, a technology company based in Portsmouth, NH. Our passion for packet captures has grown out of our other product CDRouter.

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