CloudShark for Education

You're teaching tomorrow's network engineers and security specialists. Make your packet capture material matter.

CloudShark is used by educators across the world to leverage packet captures in their networking and security courses.

"CloudShark is an outstanding tool to bring analysis of network traffic - an essential method for learning protocols - to the classroom. CloudShark eliminates the hassles of installing software on student laptops and workstations to help focus on the topic rather than logistics. It is easy to use for students just learning the basics and exceedingly capable of growing as the subjects get more complex." Radim Bartos, University of New Hampshire Computer Science

CloudShark is a packet capture analysis and sharing system. You can link directly to packet captures needed for coursework or example, and let them be viewed right in a web browser.

CloudShark in the Classroom

Organize your materials and
streamline your courses.

Collect sample captures in one place

Use CloudShark to keep track of network captures, or allow students to submit captures directly to CloudShark as part of their coursework. Any special protocol preferences that you would need to distribute to all Wireshark instances can easily be updated in one place.

Read more about capture organization.

Simplify Teaching and Training

CloudShark’s tools let you and your students build graphs, view streams and protocol conversations, and link directly to other analyses. CloudShark uses the same capture filter scheme as Wireshark.

Because CloudShark works in a web browser, there’s no need to install Wireshark. It also works on tablets and other mobile devices.

Take Notes and Collaborate

You and your students can add annotations directly to packets or add lengthy comments to entire captures. Graphs, views, and other analysis can be linked directly with a URL or exported graphically to add to course materials.

With CloudShark Enterprise, you can also add individual user accounts for students or teaching assistants, and group them according to classes, study groups, or by assignment.

Assignments and Grading

Use CloudShark's per-packet annotation features to give assignments, quizzes, and exams. Students can do their analysis directly within CloudShark and grading can be as easy as looking at a webpage.

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About Us

CloudShark is made by QA Cafe, a technology company based in Portsmouth, NH. Our passion for packet captures has grown out of our other product CDRouter.

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