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Monday, Aug 6, 2018

Getting started with packet analysis

There’s three questions we get asked the most here at CloudShark: How do I capture packets and get them into CloudShark? Where can I find example packet captures? Where do I start with packet capture analysis? That last question is very important to us, because one of the things we always want to promote is demystifying the use of packet captures to troubleshoot network and security problems. They are really are the best way, and with the right tools and knowledge they can be your first go-to.

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Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018

Packet Capture in Chrome OS

We often get requests from users of Google’s Chrome OS, the operating system installed on the Chromebook series of portable computers, on how to troubleshoot Wifi, apps, or websites. CloudShark is particularly helpful in these cases because installing Wireshark can be difficult or out of the expertise of those using systems like Chrome OS, particularly in education where Chrome OS has become very popular. Packet capture in Chrome OS Luckily there are a few ways you can get a network capture in Chrome OS.

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Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017

Where can I find sample packet captures?

CloudShark’s capture repository is great for uploading your own captures and building a complete list of your network capture history and all of the captures that are most important to you. But, one of the most frequent questions we get is “Where can I find sample packet captures?“” Here’s our favorite resources for finding sample packet captures of various protocols and scenarios: Jeremy Stretch runs the blog packetlife.

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Thursday, Jul 6, 2017

Learning how to Troubleshoot WiFi

Now that we have our new Aerohive APs in our office, we’ve been excited to learn more about wireless troubleshooting and debugging. The built-in packet capture feature in HiveManager NG makes getting traces into CloudShark for analysis really easy. Now that we have the traces, what do we do with them? We wanted to put together a list of some of the resources that have helped us get started learning about the 802.

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Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017

CloudShark at Sharkfest 2017

Sharkfest 2017 was fun. Zach and Tom made an appearance on behalf of CloudShark: Sharkfest talks we’re looking forward to We make CloudShark because we want to make packet analysis easier for everybody - and who better to learn from than the experts themselves? Since everything we learn will help make CloudShark better, here are a few of the SharkFest talks we’re looking forward to: Using Wireshark to solve real problems for real people Kary Rogers is a packet jockey of PacketBomb fame - and as he says on his site, the packet’s don’t lie.

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Monday, Oct 20, 2014

Using Jumpcloud LDAP Solution with CloudShark

There are a plethora of cloud applications for nearly all traditionally IT services that were managed in-house. One of the most interesting is JumpCloud, which provides a cloud-based solution for LDAP and Active Directory user management systems. What’s even more interesting is that JumpCloud can work seamlessly with CloudShark’s ability to use external LDAP/AD authentication and user management. If you are using LDAP, it’s as simple as enabling it in the CloudShark admin console and creating an sssd.

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Friday, Oct 7, 2011

CloudShark mentioned in Practical Packet Analysis by Chris Sanders

If you pick up a copy of “Practical Packet Analysis” by Chris Sanders (2011 2nd Edition, No Starch Press), you’ll find CloudShark mentioned as one of Chris’s favorite packet analysis tools. We are also fans of Chris’s recently updated book. Chris packs a lot of detail into the book’s 11 chapters. The book focuses on using Wireshark to explore real networking problems. However, you don’t have to be a Wireshark expert to understand the troubleshooting approach outlined for several different protocols including DHCP, HTTP, and DNS.

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