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February 7, 2013

Intel "Packet of Death" Capture

February 7, 2013


UPDATE: Here is Intel’s official statement - it is important to note that this had little to do with Intel and only a specific manufacturer.

The creator of AstLinux, Kristian Kielhofner, recently discovered a bug in certain model and version of Intel based Gigabit Ethernet implementations that can result in a “packet of death” that will bring down the network interface, requiring a power cycle of the interface in order to restore functionality.

Kielhofner explains more and how to test if you are affected here, but we figured it might be good to put the offending packet up on so that it can be easily shared:

We’ve added some annotations that explain the packet and link to more information about it. You can also download the capture directly for use in tcpreplay, as Kristian suggests.

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