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Monday, Sep 28, 2015

Webinar - CloudShark Web-Based Packet Analysis Basics

We wanted to give a quick welcome to all of our new online account subscribers. You’re the ones who have started pushing the trend towards collaborative packet analysis, whether it’s sharing captures in a blog or forum, those of you have uploaded examples of dangerous hacks or vulnerabilities, or have built CloudShark upload into your own systems. And our list keeps growing! For those who are brand new to CloudShark, we’ll be hosting a series of webinars on things like CloudShark basics, using the Wireshark plug-in, etc.

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Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015

How do you have captures automatically expire?

One of our most requested features that we added to CloudShark 2.6 was the ability to have captures automatically delete after a certain time period has expired. Since CloudShark can hold a virtually unlimited number of captures, this is useful for those who wish to preserve disk space or have specific retention rules due to their company’s security policy or from regulations like HIPPA. Using this feature is very simple! As an administrator, click on Appliance Setup–>Settings.

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Tuesday, Sep 8, 2015

CloudShark Personal and Business Accounts

As you may as well know now, CloudShark launched its free online accounts about 2 months ago. In that time, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from our loyal users, and decided it was time to give you more. Starting immediately, users of free accounts can upgrade their accounts to either CloudShark Personal or CloudShark Business for a small monthly fee. In addition to the power of the CloudShark repository and the ability to share captures through URLs, upgrading to a Personal or Business account gives you: The ability to mark files as private only Higher monthly upload limits Higher individual capture size Higher overall repository space Access to all of CloudShark’s analysis tools Access to all of CloudShark’s API and the ability to create or edit your API tokens To get the full feel of these features, Personal and Business accounts come with a 7 day trial so you can test the waters.

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Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015

CloudShark 2.6.1 Patch Release

After the flurry of activity surrounding the new features in CloudShark 2.6.0, we’ve issued our first patch release, CloudShark 2.6.1. In it you’ll find: Support for searching by SHA1 checksum Every pcap file has a checksum that ensures the data integrity of the file. For some CloudShark users, tracking this helps them organize their capture files in a way that correlates with a unique identifier that simple file names can’t always provide.

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Wednesday, Aug 5, 2015

Airtool CloudShark Integration

We absolutely love the community that CloudShark and the CloudShark API has created. Adding to our list of integrators is Adrian Granados creator of the free Wifi tool for Mac called Airtool. Airtool is a free Mac OS X menu bar application that lets you check and configure wireless settings. It also performs captures across one or more Wi-Fi channels. In his version of Airtool 1.2, Adrian has been kind enough to add CloudShark as a target destination for captured packets.

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