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Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015

Revisited: CloudShark Thanksgiving Capture Challenge

Since we’ve launched CloudShark Online Accounts, we wanted to celebrate with a special Thanksgiving capture challenge. While most of us in the U.S. will be enjoying hefty helpings of turkey, mashed potatoes, and squash, a select few will be reveling in the magical wonder that is the “Turducken”. Never heard of turducken? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a chicken, wrapped in a duck, wrapped in a turkey, filled with stuffing and sausage and baked to perfection.

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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015

Webinar - The CloudShark plug-in for Wireshark

Join us on Thursday December 10th at 11:00 EST Your captures can come from anywhere, and there are many ways to get them into CloudShark where they can be organized and secured. When using Wireshark, what do you do with your packets after they’ve been captured? The CloudShark plug-in for Wireshark lets you seamlessly transfer your captures from Wireshark or tshark directly into CloudShark. Join the CloudShark team as we

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Tuesday, Nov 17, 2015

CloudShark 2.7 - protocol ladder diagrams

CloudShark 2.7 is here, and once again we’re changing the way that web technology can change capture analysis with our “ladder diagrams” - packet visualizations just like SIP call flow diagrams but for ANY protocol and ANY conversation. You can watch the video above or read the full CloudShark 2.7 release notes here.

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Wednesday, Oct 28, 2015

Webinar - CloudShark Web-Based Packet Analysis Basics

We wanted to give a quick welcome to all of our new online account subscribers. You’re the ones who have started pushing the trend towards collaborative packet analysis, whether it’s sharing captures in a blog or forum, those of you have uploaded examples of dangerous hacks or vulnerabilities, or have built CloudShark upload into your own systems. And our list keeps growing! For those who are brand new to CloudShark, we’ll be hosting a series of webinars on things like CloudShark basics, using the Wireshark plug-in, etc.

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Thursday, Oct 22, 2015

Best practices for using remote capture with CloudShark

CloudShark’s three key features - organizing, analyzing, and collaborating - all have their own ways of making packet capture analysis easier. In particular, organizing captures in a repository that can be tagged, sorted, and tracked can be made even more potent when you use it to centralize captures automatically from a variety of sources. Here’s three things you can do to build a packet capture network that pulls in captures from multiple locations: Building remote packet capture The CloudShark API upload function lets users push files to CloudShark using nearly any tool.

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