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Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015

CloudShark 2.6.1 Patch Release

After the flurry of activity surrounding the new features in CloudShark 2.6.0, we’ve issued our first patch release, CloudShark 2.6.1. In it you’ll find: Support for searching by SHA1 checksum Every pcap file has a checksum that ensures the data integrity of the file. For some CloudShark users, tracking this helps them organize their capture files in a way that correlates with a unique identifier that simple file names can’t always provide.

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Wednesday, Aug 5, 2015

Airtool CloudShark Integration

Watch the video. We absolutely love the community that CloudShark and the CloudShark API has created. Adding to our list of integrators is Adrian Granados creator of the free Wifi tool for Mac called Airtool. Airtool is a free Mac OS X menu bar application that lets you check and configure wireless settings. It also performs captures across one or more Wi-Fi channels. In his version of Airtool 1.2, Adrian has been kind enough to add CloudShark as a target destination for captured packets.

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Tuesday, Aug 4, 2015

CloudShark 2.6.0 - Auto-Delete, OAuth, and New User Tools

Watch the video. After spending some time in deep meditation, the CloudShark team is ready to bring you CloudShark 2.6.0. Why two-dot-six-dot-zero you ask? We’re switching officially to semantic versioning, which means you can know at a glance the level of changes that we’ve made to CloudShark, which will hopefully make our users more confident that upgrades won’t break all that wonderful, personalized integration you’ve done. That said, we have some exciting great new features to highlight, some of which were made to assist in our rollout of CloudShark Personal Accounts on

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Monday, Jul 27, 2015

Introducing CloudShark Personal Accounts

Watch the video. Five years ago, we here at QA Cafe launched, a free online tool for performing packet analysis in your browser and sharing captures with colleagues, blogs, or in online discussion forums. Shortly afterwards, we launched the CloudShark Enterprise; a fully functional version of CloudShark for private networks covering a whole host of different uses - including enterprise and government IT, security firms, communications, and SaaS. We’re excited with the community that web based packet analysis has created.

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Thursday, Jul 2, 2015

How do you debug web applications that use encrypted channels?

Well, it’s official; the IETF has officially deprecated SSLv3.0. This means that it’s now a protocol violation to fall back to it. This is good news, since the number and types of attacks have been on the rise for awhile now. We’d like to take the opportunity to explore how to debug web applications that use HTTPS over SSL/TLS in CloudShark. It’s undeniable that debugging HTTP traffic is one of the most common use-cases for a packet decoder.

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