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Thursday, Sep 7, 2017

Malware Analysis Webinar Challenge

It's time for another packet capture challenge. But this time, we're inviting you to a webinar to learn the ins-and-outs of solving it. We’ve been a big fan of They have a huge archive with cool examples of malicious network attacks and malware attempts, and do a great job taking even newbies through the examples. We wanted to bring one of those examples to our users to see how to solve it in CloudShark.

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Tuesday, Sep 5, 2017

Using Column Presets in Wireless Analysis

Troubleshooting wireless problems often requires a deep dive down to the packet level. But with so much information in there, how do you know where to look first? CloudShark’s new Wireless profile preset helps set up your view to give you the summary columns you need. It’s a quick and easy way to get the most information about your network traffic. It all starts with the right profile Building on our own analysis experience, CloudShark has created a default profile for looking at 802.

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Monday, Aug 28, 2017

CloudShark for MSPs

If you’re a Managed Service Provider or other IT outsourcing company, chances are you’ve had to use packet capture on many occasions to help customers solve network problems. With the right analysis tools, packet captures can be your go-to resource to help you get to the root of problems faster and make customer interactions easier. Packet Capture: Your Greatest Asset For the Managed Service Provider, packet capture files are generally the quickest way to get to the root cause of a network, application, or security problem.

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Friday, Jul 28, 2017

Using the Wireless Networks tool to see other networks around you

When an wireless access point wants to advertise its available networks, it sends out 802.11 beacon frames. These frames are seen by other 802.11 receiving radios, and if you can capture those frames, you can use CloudShark’s Wireless Networks tool to see all of the wireless networks (named with their SSIDs) nearby. Alternatively, when Wifi stations come online, they may send out a frame called a “Probe Request”. An access point can respond to these requests with a “Probe Response”.

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Monday, Jul 24, 2017

Examining Network Delay with Wireless Retries

Ever since the folks at Aerohive decided to integrate HiveManger NG with CloudShark, we’ve been excited to play around to see what exactly we can learn from looking at packet captures from wireless networks. So, naturally, our CloudShark dev and support guru Tom was happy to jump on it when we got some of their Access Points here at CloudShark. Our network is a bit tricky, since our sister product CDRouter is busy testing all sorts of broadband routers and wireless APs with their networks on, so he brought it out of the noise and tested it at home for a night.

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